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***Note: This is quite long. Bear with me, read thouroughly and carefully. Understand completely what is written (read and reread if you must) so you will not miss out anything.
You have signed-up with Neobux. Good, now you can start earning.
You are here reading this post. Excellent, it means you are determined to make it. Continue reading and I will describe in detail how you can really earn with neobux.
"The trick for neobux beginners is to use every avenue to earn and keep clicking. This is where this guide comes in."
The basics
To understand how things work with neobux first let us cover some important details.
First, neobux is a paid to click site, meaning you earn a certain amount by clicking on displayed ads. How much will you get per ad? It varies, from $0.001 to $0.01. Aside from the monetary value, you also earn one neopoint per ad views plus 3 Adprize points. Adprize points are like raffle tickets except to use click on the number of Adprize you earned and it displays an Ad, after several seconds it will show you whether you won a prize or not. Each point entitles you to a “raffle” which means if you have 50 Adprize points you will also get 50 raffles.
Second, there are other ways to earn at Neobux like completing some offers. If you hover your mouse pointer over the Offers button, it brings down three types of offers, minicoins, minipoints and minijobs. Honetly speaking I don’t care much about minicoins and minipoints offers since almost all of them involves signing-up or giving out your phone number which when you do, you are subscribing your phone account that could end you up into more expenses. But for minijobs, it is a must for every beginners at neobux to learn. More on minijobs later.
Neobux Trick to success
How does $0.01 per ad make me several hundred to a thousand dollars in a month? Let us do the math.
In the view ads page, there are:
4 fixed orange ads priced $0.01 each = $0.04
6 micro ads priced $0.001 each = $0.006
19 fixed purple ads priced $0.001 each = $0.019
For a grand total of $0.065. Each day you are guaranteed $0.065 earnings. Note that we are not counting any prices you may win at AdPrice. Not much isn’t it? Not to worry….referrals to the rescue.
As each referral you have you will earn $0.005 per click. Note by the way that you only earn commission from referrals if they click the fixed yellow ads (and some standard ads). Again, some math:
Referral commission = $0.005 * 4 = $0.02/referral per day
Still not so much, but if you gain 10 referrals:
Referral commission = $0.02 * 10 = $0.2/day
If you have 50 referrals that is equivalent to $1.00/day; 100 referrals = $2.00/day and so on.
How to get referrals?
There are 2 types of referrals, direct and rented referrals.
Direct Referrals are those that you personally referred to Neobux or those that signed-up to Neobux using your referral link. But not every one is good at convincing people to join this kind of thing. That is why there is Rented Referrals so you don’t have to go out your way making other people to sign-up.
Rented Referrals are referrals that you get by renting, meaning you acquire them at a cost. Don’t worry, it is quite cheap at $0.2 per month. Will you be able to afford it? Certainly! No, you don’t use money from your bank account to rent. Please don’t. Use what you earned at Neobux to rent.
Rented Referrals - the basic
Let us see, the minimum number you can rent is 3 referrals that means you need $0.6 to start renting. If this is the case, how long will you be able to earn $0.6?
Days to get first rented referral = $0.6/$0.065 = 9.23 days or approximately 10 days.
Too long? For me it is. You can speed it up so that you get to your $0.6 mark faster by regularly clicking your AdPrize and hopefully you win some extra dollars which you certainly will. Prices could be $0.25, $0.5, $1.0, $2.0, $5.0 for the most part it will be $0.25 which is already great as a starter. But there is a more sure way to earn and that is through minijobs. Doing AdPrize and minijobs will get you to $0.6 in about 3 to 5 days time. Better? I thought so too.
Minijobs works by giving you certain task which it teaches you in its instructions and in return you get paid for your effort. The same minijobs can be done repeatedly so long as there are still remaining jobs for that task. Price for each task differs, some task pays $0.01 (actually it is $0.0089 but Neobux rounded it to $0.01) others $0.04, $0.06, $0.07 and $0.08. These are the most common.
Neobux Starter Roadmap
This is what you came for to read and this is how I made it with Neobux so I know it works. This takes about an hour each day to do. You can do longer if you want.
The key thing is patience and keep clicking and your first 15 days is most critical. If you endure the 15 days, I am sure you will be more successful with Neobux.
Day 1:
-You registered
-Start clicking all those ads and you get $0.065
*Rest of your time spend on getting familiarized with the user interface and learning more about minijobs.
End of Day 1: Your total earning $0.065
There are certain guidelines to observe when clicking ads. See here the guide to clicking ads.
Day 2:
-Click ads again (everything that you find including AdPrize) = $0.065
-Do some minijobs I suggest start with the easiest to get you acquainted but they are also the least priced at $0.01 per task. Let us say you did 10. You earned $0.10 from minijobs.
End of Day 2: Yuor total earning = Yesterday’s earning + today’s Ads earnings + today’s minijobs earnings = $0.065 + $0.065 + $0.10 = $0.23
There is a tool that can alert you if there is a new ad you can click or a new minijob available it is called AdAlert. It is a very small app that once installed will stay on your tool bar and gives a ping sound when a new ad or minijob is available. You don’t even need to open Neobux just don’t clear your password from your cache to keep AdAlert logged in and can give you alert. Here is the link to the AdAlert download page.
Day 3:
-Click ads = $0.065
-minijobs = $0.10 at 10 completed tasks
*Note: you may have noticed I am only using minjobs priced $0.01 since in other regions they don’t get much job other than $0.01 tasks.
End of Day 3: Day 2 total earnings + today’s earnings = $0.23 + $0.065 + $0.10 = $0.395
Day 4:
-Click ads = $0.065
-minijobs = $0.10 (10 tasks)
End of Day 4: Day 3 total earnings + today’s earnings = $0.395 + $0.065 + $0.10 = $0.56
Day 5:
-Click ads = $0.065
-minijobs = $0.10 (10 tasks)
End of Day 5: Day 4 total earnings + today’s earnings = $0.56 + $0.065 + $0.10 = $0.725
Congratulations! You have more than enough to rent your first 3 referrals.
Others would advise that you hold on to that first and not be too eager to rent your first referral until you get enough money for the next month’s rental.
I disagree with that advice. For one, why wait longer. The more you wait the more you will be wasting time. Just use what you have earned to rent referrals this way it will earn more for you no matter how small it is. At this stage of your Neobux carreer, no amount is too small. Remember that you even went for a task that cost less than a cent (0.89 cent). So go ahead and rent. Do not worry of the next month rental. You have a whole month ahead of you to earn another $0.6 which by the way you can earn in less than a week. What more now that your $0.6 can help you earn an extra $0.06 each day. Wait! Isn’t that about the same amount that you earn each day with clicking ads? Now that you rented 3 referrals, it will be like there are two of you clicking ads. You have just doubled your daily ads views earning.
Before we continue on with Day 6, let us talk a little bit about rented referrals. Each rented referral costs $0.2 per month and earns you $0.005 per fixed-yellow ads click. But Neobux also offers some rental discounts.
AutoPay (15% discount) - when enabled, $0.0057 is deducted to your rental balance whenever a rented referral made a click for the day and will not deduct a day into your remaining rental days. If the rented referral did not click, your rental balance is not deducted but your remaining rental days is reduced by one day.
Autorenew/Extend Referral = Before a Rented Referral expires, you could extend it for 15/30/60/90/150 or 240 days. Or you could choose autorenew to do it for you. Whichever way you choose to extend your Rented Referrals, the same discount applies. Entension for 15 days has no discount, 30 days is 5% discount, 60 days is 10% discount, 90 days is 25% discount and 240 days is 30% discount.
Enabling both AutoPay and AutoRenew is advised for Neobux beginners. The AutoPay helps to distribute the expiration of each Rented Referral giving you more leeway in paying rentals because you will not be paying all your referrals at the same time. However when you are already extending your referrals 90 days or higher, turn off AutoPay so you will not loose out on your extension discount.
Day 6:
By now you are starting to get used to your routine but now you also have another to look at ….. your Renter Referral (remember you rented at Day 5).
-Click Ads = $0.065
-mini jobs = $0.10
-Rented Referral commission = $0.06
End of Day 6: (Day 5 total earnings - Rented Referral Purchase) + today’s Ads earnings + today’s minijobs earnings + (Rented Referrals Commission - AutoPay) = ($0.725 - 0.6) + $0.065 + $0.1 + ($0.06 - $0.0171) = $0.3329
 Honestly, not all your referrals will be clicking industriously. Some will give up even before they could make anything all because they did not read this page or similar to it. With that in mind, let us reduce the Rented Referrals earning by using an average of 2 clicks per rented referral. This then gives us this:
End of Day 6: (Day 5 total earnings - Rented Referral Purchase) + today’s Ads earnings + today’s minijobs earnings + (Rented Referrals Commission - AutoPay) = ($0.725 - 0.6) + $0.065 + $0.10 + ($0.03 - $0.0171) = $0.3029 <- Now you have enough to rent another 3 but you can not. You will have to wait 1 week before you can rent again.
To manage your Rented Referrals read the guide to managing Rented Referrals
Day 7:
While waiting the next time to rent referral, continue racking up all money you can make. Target $2.0 so when your next rental schedule comes you can afford to buy 10 referrals.
-Click Ads = $0.065
-mini jobs = $0.10
-Rented Referral commission = $0.03
-AutoPay Cost = $0.0057 * 3 = $0.0171 (cost - to be deducted)
End of Day 7: $0.3029 + $0.065 + $0.10 + ($0.03 - $0.0171) = $0.4808
By now you have gone better with minijobs that you can now earn $0.15 daily. Your goal for the week is to earn a little over $2.0 so when your next schedule to rent referral you can afford to rent additional 10 the extra of the $2.0 is used to pay for the cost of AutoPay.

Day 8 to Day 14:
-Click Ads = $0.065
-minijobs = $0.15
-Rented Referral Commission = $0.03
-AutoPay Cost = $0.0171
***Total daily earnings = $0.065 + $0.15 + $0.03 - $0.0171 = $0.2279
 End of Day 14 = End of Day 7 earnings + Day 8 earnings + Day 9 earnings + Day 10 earnings + Day 11 earnings + Day 12 earnings + Day 13 earnings + Day 14 earnings = $0.4808 + $0.2279 + $0.2279 + $0.2279 + $0.2279 + $0.2279 + $0.2279 + $0.2279 = $0.4808 + ($0.2279 * 7) = $2.0761 
At the end of your Day 14, you can afford to rent 10 referrals.
Note that at this point, others will advise you to wait and earn enough to extend them to 240 days or at least 90 days to reduce your break even average (most of the time they call it BEP for Break Even Point) but I on the other hand advise otherwise. Waiting will make your money idle, keep renting until you get a decent daily income. How much is decent? I would say more or less $0.50 which will be about having 50 rented referrals. To some it is pretty aggressive but it is actually manageable. I could show you but it would make this very long post even longer so I will save that for another post.
Congratulations You are now moving forward as expected. Now let us make things a bit faster since you already know the drill and let me just use a table to show you how soon can you get to your next target of 50 Rented Referrals.
Notice that it takes about 50 days to get to your goal. Let  me point out though that we have not taken into account your potential earnings with AdPrize because there are a lot to win on AdPrize. They are giving 250 $0.50 prizes every hour. so the likelyhood that you get even $0.25 is high. Also, the minijobs that we have used here is only worth $0.01 when you can do higher paying tasks even on regions where jobs are few. You can earn more than $0.15 in an hour. I know I did even with a $0.01 task. On Day 15 I already have $5.0 waiting for me to be used on my next rental schedule.
Notice also that at Day 44 I have started to extend my rented referrals one at a time to 240 days. I used the extra money I could not use to buy referrals to extend my referrals. Do this until you have extended all your referrals while still renting more referrals 10 at a time. From here on, your earnings will increase exponentially.
After Day 50, you may ease out a little on minijobs now or continue at the same pace so you can move forward faster. It is up to you now on how to manage Neobux account.
Watch out more for new tips that will be posted here so be sure to come back.
 To your success!